Being the PIG!

Eggs_and_BaconThis weekend, my son has his high school football banquet and the head coach was talking about how he wants the boys to be committed to the football program, not just involved in it.  It’s about having their hearts in it and being willing to stick it though good and bad, ups and downs. It makes for a better team, more progress, and in turn… more wins. He said “It’s like bacon and eggs… the chicken is involved and contributes, but the pig… he’s committed.” 🙂

The health & fitness path is TOUGH… and sometimes INCREDIBLY tough if you aren’t committed. People will question your methods, the reason why you are doing it, if it’s worth it, and even make you feel guilty about it. If you are just involved, you will waiver and get thrown off track. However, if you are committed, you don’t need to explain yourself or justify your actions, it has become part of you and your lifestyle.

So just like how my son’s coach was more concerned with the commitment, that’s where I’m at too. The “wins” will come.

So, be the pig… not the chicken.