Fit Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again and we all are trying to figure out what to get for gifts. So I thought I’d put together a fgift-of-fitness-300x263ew of my favorite ideas for gifts for those people in your life that love fitness… or even those people that are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • FitBit, heart monitor, Nike band, etc. This is kind of a fun way to track your steps, heart rate, and measure the small victories on a daily basis while you’re waiting for the number on the scale to drop (or if you aren’t trying to lose weight at all
  • Exercise clothes. Workouts are always more fun when you feel like you look the part and new clothes are a sure way to get me excited about working out! LOL Plus, they are usually comfortable, so they double as lounge wear. 🙂
  • iTunes gift cards. There are a million apps to aid in fitness & nutrition, not to mention the music to pump you up!
  • Kitchen novelties. Small pans, unique tools only used to slice boiled eggs or cut an avocado (yep, they exist) or a Veggetti… these are the things that make cooking easier and believe me, it will be appreciated.
  • Healthy cook books. You might think they know what they are doing with nutrition (they they probably do) but new recipes and ideas are always needed and if they are on the track for a healthy lifestyle, odds have it they will always be looking for new takes on old recipes.
  • An all inclusive health & nutrition program. Yep, here’s my shameless plug, but seriously, if you know of someone who would loves dance and kickboxing, TurboFire would be perfect for them. Or if you know they’ve always wanted to try Insanity, but haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase it, help ’em out! And these programs include nutrition plans, a workout schedule, and a personal coach! (That’s me!) 🙂 You can also get them with 30 days of meal replacement at a discounted price.  There are a million options out there, so we can find the one that they will be EXCITED about when they open it. Better yet… do it WITH them and join one of my groups here!
  • And finally… gift cards.  To the shoe store for tennis shoes, the grocery store, the bike shop, etc. Always easy.

There are a million other ideas, but these are my favorite to give & receive. Happy shopping!