SAVE money NOW while making the healthy choice

The general consensus when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle is that it is EXPENSIVE! Well I’m here to point out a few things that contradict that and have saved me more money than you know over the years. I’m not talking about the less expensive healthy options, I’m actually talking about ways that making a healthy choice OVER an unhealthy one will save you money.

Anyway, I’m not really talking about the “long run” here (even though there are lots of long term benefits). This is to point out the things you can do RIGHT NOW that will save you money..  We all like a little immediate gratification and especially if it’s a win-win, right?money tape

  • Skip the gourmet coffee and make it at home. I love coffee drinks, but I make them at home with skim milk, caramel extract and some cinnamon. Healthier AND cheaper!
  • Walk or bike to commute. This isn’t really feasible for me going to work, but if we need a gallon of milk, I will hoof it to the corner store and back and burn some extra calories and save on gas. And biking to work is getting easier and easier as businesses put in bike racks and safe places to store them.
  • Drink water instead of soda. Water is FREE people… and so much better for you!
  • When eating at a restaurant, take 1/2 your meal home. Not only are the portions WAY too big for a healthy lifestyle, but you also just saved yourself the cost of lunch tomorrow with your leftovers!
  • Cook/bake at home. You have no idea what ingredients go into the food when you eat out or buy baked goods. Try recreating some of your favorites right in your own kitchen. I quit eating out for one month just to save money at one point. So I wasn’t TRYING to eat healthy, just trying to cook my food instead of order it. I made everything from lasagna to gourmet cupcakes and guess what… I still lost weight even though I wasn’t trying!
  • Pack ready to eat healthy snacks to keep in your purse/car. This not only ensures you have them on hand no matter where you are and can still follow your nutrition plan, but it also prevents those hunger triggered trips to the fast food joints.
  • Try Shakeology. Yep, this drink that so many people think is SO expensive has saved me more money than I can even tell you. When I am running really low on time, feeling lazy, or haven’t been to the grocery store so my cupboards are bare, this is my go-to meal. That means I don’t order pizza, drive through somewhere or feed my kids crap just because I wasn’t prepared or don’t feel like cooking. Instead of a $6 meal from the burger joint that doesn’t give us any nutrients, I pull out the Shakeology and for a little over $4 each we make our custom shakes that we can take on the go if needed and I know the boys are getting the good stuff. 🙂

So if you think about this and add it up over time, it can make a big difference! No excuses! 🙂