Baked Salmon ala Foy :)

This is so simple to make, but every time I serve it to anyone (including my family that has it ALL THE TIME), they always tell me how incredible I am at making salmon and ask how I do it. My dad actually taught me how to cook salmon, so I’m totally giving him the credit for this. 🙂


  • Salmon filets (I like the ones with the skin on one side, thick is important though, and not frozen if possible. We’ve actually had great luck with Walmart Salmon believe it or not!)
  • olive oil
  • Misty’s seasoning


Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Rub olive oil on both sides of the fish and sprinkle the non-skin side liberally with the Misty’s seasoning. Put on a cookie sheet skin side down and bake for 6 minutes, flip over, and bake an additional 6 minutes. That’s it! It falls apart and tastes like you’ve added butter to it. 🙂 This can also be done on the grill!