80 Day Obsession – Meal Planning Tools

Meal Planning

There are a million tools out there you can use to help in your health journey and sometimes I like to tweak them to the way I do things. 

In 80 Day Obsession, they give you an amazing meal planner, but it isn’t all laid out in a week and it doesn’t give room for the things I like to do when I meal plan… like write down our activities for that day to see at a glance, and know what I need to Prep. So, I made up my own! Then my team asked me to make some up for a couple other meal plans. I’ll add more as I make them. But here you go!

Each one has 4 pages. You will need 8 copies of page 1, 2 copies of pages 2 & 3, and one copy of page 4 (if you are doing the Peak week with Deplete Days). 

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Meal Planner A

meal planner c

meal planner b

meal planner D