80 Day Obsession – Week 1

80 Day Obsession. Week 1.

The program name in itself sounds scary! Well, we decided to tackle this challenge and started this Monday.  The workouts are longer, the moves are more challenging and complicated, and the nutrition is pretty darn strict!  BUT… we needed to do something different because we want different results. So, I am going to take you on this journey with me and with today being Friday, here is my wrap of the week:

What I learned:

  1. I am stronger than I think and I won’t die if I push myself more than I am used to during my workouts. 
  2. When I have all my meals laid out exactly what to eat & when, it relieves a LOT of stress each day (even though this was the part I was the most worried about and skeptical of). 
  3. I REALLY need to strengthen my shoulders… Autumn likes planks. But I also need to just be okay when I have to modify and know I’m doing my best. Because I definitely can’t keep up with her all the time! 
  4. You can eat a lot more food than even I thought and still lose weight…as long as it’s the RIGHT combination of foods. 
  5. Using strength bands & sliders take some getting used to, but when you are doing different moves that you need to use your brain for, the workouts go a lot faster and are more fun. 
  6. The Performance Line through Beachbody ROCKS… I’ve used it 1/2 way before, but I can tell such a big difference using it all now. So glad Autumn incorporated it for this program!
  7. Eating & chewing food before my workout first thing in the morning doesn’t work for me, but having my Shakeology before my workout DOES! And I can tell a difference when I do!

What I liked:

  1. Being creative to come up with interesting meals to fill the container combinations for each meal. I adjusted some our favorite dishes and jazzed them up a little. AMAZING and fits in the plan! I’ll be adding the recipes as I do more, you can find all my recipes and blogs about 80DO here!
  2. Doing entirely different exercises. Different muscles, new ideas, and my brain had to work, too!
  3. Being sore. I know, that’s a weird one, but I love when I am sore because I KNOW that means I am building muscle. Now, I like to minimize that so I can actually sleep, walk, and function, so I do use Recover & Recharge to help. 
  4. Being hungry. Another weird one, but I eat every 2-3 hours on this program and on Monday when I started, I had to have an alarm tell me it was time to eat and I would kind of force it down.  Now that my metabolism is responding to the workouts and nutrition I am feeding it, I get hungry just about 15 minutes before I’m supposed to eat and I LOVE IT!  It means my body is using the food I gave it! 
  5. Weekly Obsession. This is a video they put out the week before that gives you insight into the cast and how they were thinking as they went through it as well. It actually helped me be prepared a TON, even though I thought it was a silly idea. 🙂 

What I didn’t like so much:

  1. Cardio. I’ll just be honest, it’s hard, it’s a lot of bouncing, I sweat a lot, I breathe hard, and it’s just not a pleasant experience. But I also know it’s necessary, so I will keep doing it anyway… heck, at least it’s only 2 days a week! 
  2. Getting up at 5am every day to eat.  I’ve never done this before and I’m still getting used to it. I don’t get sick or anything eating before my workout (as long as I have my Shakeology and not other food), but I have just gotten out of the habit of being a “morning person” so getting up at 5 is hard enough on it’s own… then you want me to EAT??? I actually feel like my workouts are better because of it, but I am still grumpy about it. 🙂 
  3. I miss being able to drink my Shakeology slowly and enjoy it. I love the way it tastes and I have looked forward to it for 5 years now. I feel like I don’t get to really appreciate the taste anymore now that I’m drinking it half asleep. 

What I’m excited about going forward:

  1. Different workouts every day. I can get bored and not push as hard when I have to repeat things and I know what the trainer is going to say, etc. But these are 80 different workouts! Yeah!!!!
  2. Learning more from Autumn. I am in a coach test group with her and she actually helps coach US so we can help coach others while still getting the most success in our journey. She shares so much with us every day on Facebook, but she also gives AMAZING cues, tips, and advice DURING the workouts themselves. I have found the way she describes the way to adjust a move can totally change where I feel it.
  3. Less stress. The nutrition plan actually dumbs it down more than it complicates things and it really makes me excited about the ease of meal planning and prepping. 
  4. Results. I have ZERO doubt that my body is going to change and I’m just excited to see how!