My Story

In 2009, my life had been thrown for a loop with major life changes and I was struggling to just put on a good front and keep my head above water. I was a single mom of 2 boys, who were 11 & 9 at the time and they were very active and involved.  They both loved taekwondo, cub scouts, church groups, and played one sport every season year round.  I never wanted them to feel like they were lacking because of only having one parent around, so I was determined to do it all. 


I was the den mother for scouts, coached their sports teams when needed, volunteered at their school when I could, and made sure I was at every practice & game I possibly could be... all while working full time, running my household, and attempting to maintain my own sanity. 

I was feeling stressed to say the least, but also finding myself frustrated with my body, struggling to find things to wear I could feel confident in, and feeling like I was losing myself. I would sit in my room and cry when the boys couldn't hear... so insecure about myself that I felt like I was faking all my energy and overwhelmed with how to fix it.

I had a trainer that was amazing at the gym and was trying to get there, but the times didn't always work well with the boys' schedule and my job, so scheduling was a nightmare. I also was so self conscious about  EVERYTHING that I had a million excuses NOT to go to the gym. Seriously, I used everything from "It's too cold out" to "I'm sure it's too busy to do the things my trainer planned for me" to "I don't have anything that matches to wear." It was really pathetic. 


Then enters an infomercial...

I saw TurboFire late one night and decided I was going to commit to trying a home workout. No excuses. If for no other reason than to gain control of SOMETHING in my life again. I worked out every morning before the boys even got up in a small 4x6 area in my bedroom and I tried eating as healthy as I could. I was shocked that now my excuses really were gone, and not only was I dropping weight, but my attitude was improving, my focus was better, I was enjoying life more, and I was a better mom all around.


5 months later, I hit a plateau with weight loss and my energy level was still not picking up, so I decided my nutrition needed a makeover and I started incorporating Shakeology.  I moved on to do more programs including Insanity, Pump, & P90X and I kept losing inches. I was shocked at how NOT going to a gym and drinking this shake every day had gotten me into the best shape of my life. So I challenged myself and competed in my first triathlon. Never in a million years would I have guessed I could do that, so after I did, I was determined to prove myself wrong as much as possible.  


My confidence was growing. I continued to run three half-marathons, a couple of mud runs with my family, completed another triathlon, and finished dozens of programs start to finish. Working out at home and having these nutrition guides to follow had given me the flexibility to do what was convenient for me, while still helping me make progress toward my goals. 

I signed up as a coach in February of 2012 with the goal of just getting the discount on my Shakeology & fitness programs because there was no way I was stopping. But then I had so many people asking me about what I had changed and I was feeling like a new woman. So, that a year later, I decided to share what I had learned so other people could feel the same way and know their full potential.

2015-07-17 21.35.19

That simple decision was more of blessing than I could have ever imagined and has changed my life. I have an amazing team of coaches along side me that inspire and support me every day. This support system has been my rock even at my lowest times, gives me strength, and makes me a better coach, a better person, and most importantly, a better mom. 

Then everything changed... all my hard work, all my consistency, all my passion & determination... it wasn't enough anymore.

In 2015, my arthritis had developed pretty severely all over my body. I had days that I couldn't open a jar, days my hands hurt so bad all day that I could hardly type. I missed a couple days of work because the arthritis had settled in my right hip and I couldn't drive. I was told that I was headed down the autoimmune path that was in my family. I was taking daily medication from my doctor along with over the counter pain medication. I felt useless and I had to ask for help A LOT. My workouts suffered since I couldn't hold weights all the time and some days my body ached all over so I could hardly get out of bed. I couldn't do everything with the boys I wanted to and, even if I did, I was miserable most of the time. I started "faking it" again because I didn't want to be negative. I hated every minute and couldn't believe my body was doing this TO ME! (Yes, I totally played the victim card.) 

I had come too far to let this stop me. So, I started doing research on other ways to help improve my condition. I finally snapped out of my pity party and decided to take back control.  I read more books in those few months than I ever had in my life. I scoured the internet for ideas and I joined support groups on Facebook for ideas. I was determined to find a solution so my life could continue to improve and not go downhill.


I researched & completed many different nutrition plans to learn my body and what it responds to positively and negatively. I discovered many more triggers than just food that can cause flare ups & inflammation. I have found that exercise is a vital part to my health, not just to lose weight, along with so many other things I used to take for granted. I figured out how incorporate all this into my life and prioritize things accordingly. 

2017-07-23 13.24.26

I have now been off all my daily medication since 2016 and I'm pain free 95% of the time. I know what to do when I have a flare up to recover as fast as possible and I've learned how to read my body and know what it needs. 

2017-07-25 06.55.53


I've been blessed to find an incredible man through all this to marry and share my life with, I'm able to travel with my family, climb mountains (literally and figuratively), workout regularly, cook amazing meals, and feel great doing it. I still struggle some days and lean on my support system when needed, but I feel good knowing that my boys have the example to push through and not to settle, even when things are tough.

I won't ever give up striving to be the best "me" possible so I can be the best for my family. And I am motivated and passionate to continue to help others do the same.


I've had incredible opportunities to meet my favorite trainers, travel with these rockstar coaches, and build relationships with people across the country. Friends I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I was able to help other people realize they could accomplish things they never thought possible and I was inspired more and more every day. And BONUS... I started making money from all this, too!