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Fit Life VIP Program

Feel like the best version of 

YOU again!

I get it…

  ~ You can look back at a time when you felt like you were rockin’ every area of your life with confidence and strength, but right now you wonder if you’ll ever feel like that again. 
  ~ You are tired of feeling drained, achy, stressed, and/or uncomfortable in your clothes. 
  ~ You know there is this amazing, fun, smart & creative person inside of you, but you just don’t have the energy to show it. 
  ~ You are yearning to be able to do all the things you used to, but your body doesn’t always cooperate. 
  ~ You have tried every trick in the book to feel better and you are ready to do what it takes to gain back control of your body and your life. 
  You are ready to be the best YOU possible!

I want to help you get there!

I’ve been where you are…

I was a struggling, busy, single mom who was stressed, depressed and putting on a good act faking it for my boys, often crying in my room at night alone. But one day I became determined to not let life control me, so I found ways to manage my stress, build my confidence, and get in the best shape of my life.  Along with that came a lot more love and joy. I became a better mom and person all around.
I’ve been thrown for a loop with autoimmune disease, arthritis, normal aging, and everything I worked so hard for got even harder to maintain.  But I have never given up the determination to not let my body was control me. 
I came up with a plan of action to eat healthier according to my body’s needs, incorporate exercise in a way that HELPS my energy level, control stress better, improve my gut health, and live an all around happier, more balanced life again that I control

How can I help you? How does it work?

This program is about getting you feeling GREAT as fast as possible, but doing it in a way that you can stick to it and keep it up long term. 

So, how will we do this?

  • We’ll start by establishing daily habits that may seem small, but will make a big difference in the long run. This transformation is about so much more than just the way you look. This is about being the best version of yourself in every area of your life. So we will be working on more than just food and exercise… even though that is a large part of this learning process. 
  • We’ll change the way you eat and think about food. This will mean you have to make the decision that the way you feel 95% of the time is more important than the instant gratification of the food you put in your mouth at the moment.
  • Incorporate exercise to fit YOUR lifestyle and fitness level so that you can build strength & endurance, as well as gain confidence in all the wonderful things your body CAN do!
  • You’re going to get support and accountability. You don’t have to do this alone and you shouldn’t have to. I want you to see AND feel results, so you’ll have the support of myself and a community to back you up and lift you up when things are tough. 

It won’t always be easy. You’ll have to DECIDE to make these changes EVERY DAY. But I can tell you from personal experience and by seeing the change helping others… it is SOOOOOOO worth it!!!

What’s Included?

Hands down the best deal ever to come out of Beachbody… the Annual All-Access Pass

  • This gives you access to every program Beachbody has ever made or comes out for the next year. It will allow us to customize the best workout plan FOR YOU and then adjust as we go along. No need to purchase program after program. This will give you the opportunity to find exercises that you will actually LOOK FORWARD to doing, as well as the recovery workouts that your body will need and the ability to increase the intensity as you grow stronger.  

A 30-day supply of Shakeology

  • We want to make nutrition as easy and beneficial for you as possible. Shakeology is an amazing supplement that is designed to help get your body on the right track again, improve your gut health and feed your body what it needs, so that you end up feeling energized and nourished. This will work to fill in the gaps of your nutrition without trying to find all the right superfoods and supplements…and did I mention it tastes AMAZING? Not kidding!
  • Drinking this shake each and every day has been vital to making my health more consistent, reduce bloat & inflammation AND shed excess weight. I have no doubt that by adding it to YOUR daily routine, it will help you feel the same way and be a key to your success. 

The Portion Fix Nutrition System

  • This system was designed to take the guess work out of how much you should be eating of each food group each day and what a portion size it. It is brilliant and a lot easier than counting calories. There’s even an app to make it easy to track throughout your day! 

A private group in an app, along with access to me 1-on-1 via email, text, or in the app daily

  • This is the secret sauce, especially when times get tough. Accountability and support are crucial for helping you stick to the program and reach your goals. This feature is available ONLY to my clients that are committed to their health and, because of that, it is a safe place for you to check in daily and share your struggles AND victories! Have a question or feel frustrated? This group will be your go to for answers and you’ll have not only me, but others on the same journey to commiserate, celebrate, and share ideas. 

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For those of you that jump in with me by the end of October, I’m going to include:A 45 MINUTE JUMP START CALL TO CUSTOMIZE A PLAN FOR YOUIn working on my own journey, I’ve learned that we aren’t a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” society. So, I don’t think a health plan should be that way either. In this call we will discuss your personal situation and come up with a plan that will make sure you not only succeed, but you enjoy doing it. We’ll take into consideration your likes & dislikes, nutrition restrictions, and physical limitations (if you have any), as well as come up with a time schedule that will fit all this into YOUR lifestyle. 

MY MEAL PLANNING GUIDE AND WORKSHEETThis is the exact system and sheet I use each week to set myself up for success for the week and make it simple and affordable.

Ready to take control?

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